what’s this all about?

Hi, my name is Dan Truesdale.  My blog is about my search for a life that makes sense and I need your help.  I’m really not sure where this search is going to take me, but I’m excited about the unknowns that lie ahead.  The things that are guiding my search and my life are the devine and the desire to… love, to serve, to be truly alive, to know others, to be known by others, to make a greater impact in the world, to make a positive impact in the world, to minimize my negative impact in the world, to know more, to have less, to ask questions, and to become more and more who I really am.  Included in this page about the blog is some background information about me so that you can better understand some of what has shaped who I am.  I was born in Winfield, Illinois on January 7, 1984.  I’m white, and I used to be a Catholic.  I often seek balance, but tend toward extremes and I prefer to either be all in, or totally out while remaining open to reverting to or moving toward the other extreme.  I lived the first 18 years of my life in and around upper middle class, Wheaton, IL.  I went to college at Purdue University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I went on to get a job working in the oil and energy industries for almost 2 years.  I quit that job when I found something else that made more sense and I was ready to pursue it.  After quitting that job, I took an intensive course in Permaculture and then moved to Koinonia Farm (A small intentional Christian community just outside of Americus, GA).  At Koinonia Farm, I learned a lot about sustainable agriculture and living in community through direct experience at a place that was making a transition to a more sustainable way of life.  I have since moved on from Koinonia and am traveling around in search of a life that makes sense.  Thank you for joining me in this adventure.  I only ask of you a couple of things: when you read entries in my blog, give your full attention to them; don’t take the things that I say personally, I don’t mean to attack you or hurt you in any way; be willing and open to change if you read or experience things that disagree with you and I will do the same; be willing and open to comment on and question anything; be honest; and last but not least: have fun.


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